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Silver Star Cold Drawn Ribbed bar
About Silver Star Kari Bars
Silver star Kari Bars are made by cold process from world class European Machines.

Billet BF-SMS > Wire ROD > World class European M/CS > Billet BF-SMS  

Silver Star Kari Bars are made from wire ord which in turn is made from SMS-BF-Concast Route Billets. This gives us cleaner steel with better and controlled Chemical and physical properties. Silver Star Kari Bars are high tensils bars conforming to IS 1786 (1985) of grade Fe-550 corresponding to DIN : 488 and B.S. : 4483 which leads to higher breaking load with lower diameter.

Save Construction Cost and Time by using High Tensile Silver Star Kari Bars Saving by using Silver Star Kari Bars vis-a-vis CTD/TMT/PLAIN Bars.

Size Weight Kg/m2 Tensile Strength
5 mm 0.154 > 550  N/m2
5.5 mm 0.188 > 550  N/m2
6 mm 0.222 > 550  N/m2
7 mm 0.302 > 550  N/m2

Cold drawn ribbed bars are available in straight lengths and in single fold conditions.
These bars can be of variable lengths starting from 5.5mtrs to 12 mtrs
  • Considerable saving in steel and construction cost
  • Higher tensile strength and thus breaking load
  • The raw materials is manufactured from BF-SMS-Concast route
  • Excellent bonding and bending properties
  • Cold rolling gives better grain structure
  • Better and accurate chemical and physical properties
  • Can be delivered in required Length/Coils
  • Advance and future products used all over the world, specially in developed countries
  • Better quality of construction
  • The company has a fleet of vehicles to ensure just-in-Time delivery
  • Making stirrups
  • Meshes for casting
  • Sunshade
  • Concretisation of light engineering shop floors
  • Concretisation of pathways for light vehicle
  • RCC pipes & poles, sleeper etc.
  • All types of construction


Silver Star Commotrade (P) Ltd is a company which always delivers the best.


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